Why it matters to convert now to an EHR solution

The federal government is allocating $19 billion to revolutionize the country's healthcare I.T. systems. It's never been easier or more affordable to bring your practice into the future with digitized medical records. Best of all, the cost of implementing an EHR solution may be completely covered by the government's incentive payments program.

But the clock is ticking to meet EHR guidelines. If you're enrolled in Medicare, failing to go digital by 2015 means you could be penalized with Medicare fee schedule reductions. Converting now is the smart decision: not only will you avoid the pre-deadline rush, you could also enjoy higher incentive payments for adopting EHR early. Join the movement in 2011 and you could receive up to $20,000 more than a late adopter. Best of all, your practice will gain the benefits of electronic records immediately.

The government is not the only organization facilitating EHR adoption. Private insurance companies are aligning their pay-for-performance programs to reward providers using electronic health records. Even state medical licensing boards have announced plans to restructure licensure renewal requirements to support the use of health information technology. The health care world will soon expect EHR as a tool of the trade; take the steps now to ensure your practice is ready for the EHR revolution.

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