Why it matters to convert now to an EHR solution

Whether you're just starting to learn about the government's EHR requirements or you're about to implement a new software product, keep these 5 key questions in mind to guide your way.

When will you be ready to go digital?

The sooner you adopt, the sooner you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of EHR in your practice. It's also important to keep in mind that the EHR stimulus legislation rewards early adoption. Providers who successfully convert in 2011 can receive up to $20,000 more than a late adopter. If you aren't using EHR by 2015, you may also be penalized with Medicare fee schedule reductions.

Is your software certified?

Many practices are spending thousands of dollars on software solutions that won't qualify them for EHR incentive money from the government. Before you select a system, it's critical to confirm that the product is ONC-ATCB certified EHR technology.

How will you handle the conversion?

Several EHR vendors provide you with the software you need to start inputting new digital data, but what about your existing paper charts? Every practice needs a strategy for converting legacy records once they're ready for EHR. If you don't have the staff, equipment, or time to handle the project, TennesseeEHR has strategies on how to convert your paper charts in quick and effective ways.

Do you have the hardware you need?

Do you have all of the workstations, laptops, tablets, or servers that a new EHR system may require? Beyond certified EHR software, TennesseeEHR can provide a suite of hardware solutions for your office in addition to HIPAA-compliant data backup and data security options that bring you peace of mind.

How much incentive money do you qualify for?

With a certified EHR product, you can qualify to receive up to $63,750. How much you receive depends on what type of provider you are, what kind of patients you see, and how quickly you become a meaningful EHR user. To learn how you qualify, visit our HITECH Stimulus Center .

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