Must-know information about the EHR Stimulus Program

What is the HITECH Act?

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act seeks to improve patient care with an unprecedented investment in health information technology. The Act empowered the Department of Health & Human Services to develop a framework for eligible providers to receive incentives payments for meaningful use of certified EHR technology.

What is certified EHR technology?

Certified EHR technology refers to a category of electronic health record software that has been tested along a specific set of standards and implementation criteria developed by the Department of Health and Human Services. Without certified EHR technology, an eligible provider will not qualify for EHR incentive payments. The government maintains its list of certified Health IT products on the CHPL website.

What is Meaningful Use?

Buying certified EHR software is not enough to guarantee an incentive payment. Providers will need to prove that they are actively using their software in ways designed to promote improved health outcomes and coordination of care. Meaningful Use refers to the set of objectives that providers need to meet with certified EHR technology. Recording patient smoking status, electronically exchanging health information, and transmitting electronic prescriptions are just some of the criteria that need to be addressed.

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